Psychiatric Emergency Services


RMHA employs a Master’s Level staff member who make available to clients cell and home phone numbers along with the office toll-free numbers. Likewise, appropriate local service entities are provided with staff cell, home, and office contact numbers should assistance be required.

At the time of any emergency contact, staff assesses the situation as to urgency and danger, provides supportive therapy by phone and, if needed, face-to-face support. The staff member also mobilizes whatever resources available: CSP funds, health care, pastoral care, etc. If need be, hospitalization is facilitated with family involvement and/or law enforcement aid. In the latter case, staff maintains contact, if possible, with the client during hospitalization and takes part in discharge planning. RMHA maintains written or verbal agreements with the emergency services portions of the City of Nenana and the Denali Borough, and other relevant agencies to aid with emergencies and discharge planning.

For people not currently enrolled into services with our agency, a brief intervention treatment plan is developed and the consumer is stabilized, contact is resumed in twenty-four hours if at all possible, and an appointment made for in-house services. Outreach and follow-up will continue as long as the person requires services and support, and remains in the service area.

Referrals will be provided to those who move from our service area and desire to continue services in their new home town. Designated emergency services will be provided to all persons who meet the population definition and seek services regardless of their ability to pay or outstanding service debt to RMHA. All billing information will be obtained after the consumer is stable, and if the Clinician determines that it is not therapeutically sound to bill the consumer, it will be written off the books.

RMHA has the services of a psychiatrist on a regular basis for routine evaluations, medication and medication monitoring; for information regarding these services, please contact our office directly. In the case of psychiatric emergencies, our Masters level clinician is able to work in collaboration with Fairbanks Memorial Hospital psychiatric staff who provide assessments, medication, medication monitoring, and psychiatric evaluations. On call rotation allows for immediate contact by local law enforcement officials, the clinics, and key human service providers.

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