WIN Minutes 10/17/2017

Nenana Wellness Coalition

October 17, 2017



The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana


This week we participants today 10, Joe Forness, Larenda Forness, Bonnie Reed, Virginia Young, Jeannine Bennet, Amie Verhagen and her two young boys, Laura Hokenson, Rosemary Allen, Magen Spencer and Derek Ketzler. We enjoyed cheese tortellini, cheese with crackers and assorted nuts.


Laura Hokenson


SPIRITUAL MOMENT was led by Jeannine Bennet




Introduction of Guests: No Guests



Joe and Larenda Forness presented on family and friends CPR and the correct way to administer narcan. The friends and family CPR is simplified CPR for common citizens. Joe used a dummy to show everyone the correct to hold your hands, where to place them on the sternum and approximately how far to press down. For children and adults, the proper way to utilize CPR is to use both hands and pump down on their chest about a third of an inch. When pressing down you want to be swift, he used the analogy of singing “another one bites the dust” in your head and following the beat with your pumps. He explains that you do 30 chest compressions and then two breaths. When doing the breaths after the 30 chest compressions, use both hands. One hand is going to tilt the head back so the air way is open and the other will pinch the individual’s nose. Then you will put your mouth on another person mouth completely, however; Joe explains the importance of making the executive decision to put your mouth on someone else, he highly recommends using a CPR mask if one is available, then blow into their mouth. When you blow into the mouth keep in mind of how much air you give someone, use normal breaths when blowing in. If done correctly, the chest should rise when the air is being blown, after the two breaths are in the lungs, go back to doing two chest compressions and repeating the cycle over. Keep in mind that CPR is highly effective but is not full proof, there is a risk that the person may never come back, but CPR will give them a higher chance.


The narcan presentation consisted of two videos of how narcan works and what the effects are. After these videos Joe showed the group how to administer narcan with the nasal spray.


Narcan is used to reverse the side effects of opioids. When someone is having an overdose to any opioids either prescription medicine or illegal use, it can block the overdose and potentially bring someone back. The Nenana Volunteer Fire Department now has narcan available to pass out to the public! Anyone can come to the Fire Department and ask for a narcan pack. The packs contain two narcan nasal sprays, a pair of gloves and instructions how to use it. This service is completely free and confidential.


If you need the Nenana Fire Department to respond and you only have a cell phone. You can call 907 832 1911 for their direct line opposed to getting sent to dispatch and having dispatch rely the message.




WELLNESS THOUGHT: “Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands.”

  • Unknown



Rose: Rose will be gone next week and then the following gone again for a training.


Magen: November 2 – November 4 she will be in Anchorage for Alcohol Drug Informational School and November 18 – November 30 she will be in Hawaii for vacation. In those dates she will not be available to cook for win or take minutes. Any WIN members who would like to cook and take minutes is encouraged to do so.


Virginia: The Bahia Group is having a celebration at the Rec Center multi-purpose room to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founder of the Bahia faith.



September 27, 2017 there will be flu shots being administered at the senior center, the same day the food boxes will be ready for pick up.


Derek: No Updates



Laura: No Updates


Amie: The Christmas show that the Mormon Church hosts will start advertising for the play to fill the cast members.


Jeannine: Jeannine is looking for volunteers to set up and take down for the Thanksgiving Dinner that will be held tentatively the day after thanksgiving at the tribal hall.


Joe: There is going to be an ETT class held sometime in February. He also is willingly to work with business that need to be CPR/ First Aid certified.


Larenda: No Updates






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