WIN Minutes 11-08-16

Nenana Wellness Coalition
November 8, 2016
Election Day. Don’t forget to vote!

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had 11 participants today: Bonnie Reed, Magen Spencer Natalie Chong, Jeannie Bennett, Therese & Tom Titus and their son Andrew Jensen, Kat McElroy, Jim Hautla, Virginia Young, and Miles Martin.
We enjoyed baked salmon with rice pilaf, mixed green salad, Ritz crackers with sliced cheese and mixed raisins & pecans for lunch.

WELCOME and READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson: Jeannie Bennett.

SPIRITUAL MOMENT: was lead by Bonnie, with a short prayer.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There was one item added to the agenda.

MINUTES: There were no minutes generated last week nor posted at the WIN link at or submitted electronically to the WIN e-list.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Therese had Andrew introduce himself as this is the first time he has attended WIN.


Rural Human Services: Magen Spencer introduced herself and explained that she has been hired by Railbelt Mental Health & Addictions and is being trained by Kat. She said she has lived in Nenana since she was ten years old. She is a graduate of Nenana City Public School. It is her intention to stay in Nenana and continue her schooling.
Magen passed out copies of a youth needs survey she is administering. It will form the basis of her final project for her RHS certification program. She will be finished with her training by May. She explained how the survey will be administered to youth and adults in our community to gain insight into the issues our youth are facing, the strengths they possess and resources available to them to address those issues.

Nenana Community Thanksgiving Meal: We have historically held a community Thanksgiving dinner the Friday after traditional Thanksgiving. Jeannie said that she is uncertain if she will be here for this event, as she may be Outside with Harriet due to medical. However, she will make flyers and will ask Rebecca Troxel if she would be willing to take lead with organizing the faith communities. Kat will check with the Native Council to see about using the tribal hall for this event. Miles is willing to post the flyers and has cider to donate for a beverage. Nenana Urban Farm will donate a ham. Kat says she can make mashed potatoes.

WELLNESS THOUGHT: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Miles: Is busy organizing a meeting of people interested in helping create some policies and procedures for the Cultural Center. He has been talking to city assembly people, the mayor, employees, and community members and gathering input. One of the things that has been suggested is getting the city out of the business altogether. One thing everyone agrees is that they do not want to risk losing the business that Princess Tours brings into the community every summer.
Kat: They have steers (beef) and pigs (pork) to go to butcher to sell this winter and are now taking orders for custom cuts for beef quarters and pig halves. They will also do some backyard butchering of several pigs that Kat will be making into sausages. David is just busy, busy, busy.
Leon has a graduation date from Job Corps, set for February 28th. Hurrah! Kat says she just really has missed having his around, but at this time he says he is looking for work in the Mat/Su area.
Virginia: Was gone all weekend. She got to see her 3 year old grandson and had a grand time playing Tonka trucks with him. She caught the 6 AM flight Monday back from Anchorage.
She has been watching work progress on the house being built by the Native Council across the street from her place; it is going up fast and they are putting the roof on now.
We need about six inches of snow to insulate her peonies. Miles agrees, this would help protect his fruit tree’s roots from cold damage.
Bonnie: Volleyball against TriValley, starting at 5 PM.
Thursday, November 10 will start the Ice Cream Classic, first game begins at 6 PM in the gym at NCPS. The City Assembly will meet that night, 6:30, at the Senior Center.
November 15th will be the community thanksgiving meal at the school, starting at 11AM. The Seniors will be going to the Pump House for brunch.
The Senior’s Thanksgiving lunch will be Friday, November 18th, at Noon.
November 20th through the 9th of December at NCPS will be the annual Book Fair.
November 30th, 6:30PM, will be the Winter Concert at the school.
Tom: Thanked Project Overhaul for getting rid of that burnt out trailer at the corner of Second and D Streets. It looks much better.
Tom suggests we should have a Storytelling Night. He thinks this would be a good way for people to learn more about our communities and about one another, our histories. He would like if we got together informally to make music.
Therese: Feels like she can come to WIN meetings and get connected with what is going on in Nenana.
Jeannie: Her husband Rob made time and used his equipment, with assistance by Russ Ketzler, to get the burned trailer hauled off to the land fill. They are hoping that Tog will donate the use of their equipment and help defray the costs; it was over a thousand dollars in tipping fees.
She continues planning for the Health Fair which is scheduled for March 31st, at the school, to focus on youth health issues. Laura has filled out the application for funds from Sam’s Club.

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