WIN Minutes 08-16-16

Nenana Wellness Coalition
August 16, 2016

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had 7 participants today: Bonnie Reed, Kat McElroy, Jim & Cindy Hutlaw, Virginia Young, Mary Alexander and Tim Horn.
We enjoyed baked salmon with rice pilaf, Cole slaw, Ritz crackers with sliced cheese and mixed raisins & pecans for lunch.

WELCOME and READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson: Tim Horn

SPIRITUAL MOMENT: was lead by Bonnie, with a short prayer.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were items added to the agenda.

MINUTES: Minutes were generated last week and posted at the WIN link at as well as submitted electronically to the WIN e-list with no changes noted.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: No new guests this week.


Nenana Community Garden: The Junior Youth Empowerment Group for ages 11-14 will have a day camp this week, Thursday Noon-6PM and Friday Noon-4PM. There is a plan to get six of the beds at the Community Garden cleared and prepped for use next summer. Some of the goals of Youth Empowerment are to build on the natural traits of youth that age group: curiosity about the universe, wanting to make a difference, energetic presence. This allows them to be with others their own age, engage in physical activity and opportunities for service to their community.
The Living Center garden has huge dill plants. We discussed various ways to use dill. Kat is going to try freeze drying some. Mary talked to Mike and Patty and encouraged them to utilize the potatoes, cabbages and carrots there. Mary will harvest some and bring it to the Saturday Market.

Food Pantry Project: Virginia really likes the concept of having cooking classes, perhaps coupled with a community meal, to both share foodways knowledge and food stuffs. Some of the foods we would be interested in seeing taught/prepared include: soups from bone broth, breads from scratch, holiday cookies, kim chee, cheeses, and desserts like pies. Mary mentioned hunting season, how to prepare dry meat and how to cut moose head for moose nose soup. Kat would very much like to take part in that activity. Some of these processes take quite a bit of prep time. To plan something like this we would need to have a committee, some planning and organization of materials. Virginia will talk to the tribe to see if they are interested in supporting these kinds of activities. She noted that they do have three freezers.
Implications of Kat’s Retirement: Tim wanted to discuss how Kat exiting from Railbelt at the end of December might affect the weekly operations of WIN. Kat noted that they have not had an opportunity to discuss this as a staff but that she imagines her duties would be taken over by other RMHA staff or divided amongst WIN participants. She explained that WIN is utilized in various ways by RMHA, to do community needs and readiness surveys, as a pool of volunteers for community activities and to provide input and a point for education out to the community, all vital functions. Food preparation and generating minutes are weekly tasks that will need to be assumed.
Envisioning Wellness: It was suggested that we ask Maria Santolupo to present what she will be doing this year as the new counselor at Nenana City Public School. Tim will Face Book message a request to her. It was suggested we could try to have Eric or Sherry to present to us about the upcoming school year. Kat suggested we ask the new VPSO, Joe Notti to introduce himself to us and give us an opportunity to learn about him. He has been assigned to Nenana but is still residing in Fairbanks and has been commuting back and forth daily.
DAILY MEDITATION: My Creator, let me live my life today in a way that would make my ancestors proud. Let me remember, each day, that I am here to serve you. Today let me conduct my life in a way that would also make you proud.
Mary: Wes has had the av-gas stolen out of his plane for the third time and as a result has moved his plane to a different location with higher visibility out on the airstrip. It is very frustrating to be repeatedly targeted, particularly as there is reckless disregard for the integrity of the plane.
Kat: It is all about trying to make3 hay. David is out cutting today, has hay down that got rain on and baled hay that sat in the weather before we were able to get it under cover. This is very frustrating. Kat is looking forward to learning better how to drive the tractor for cutting, raking and baling hay.

Bonnie: It is her 87th birthday today but she will be celebrating next week, when her kids are able to come to Nenana, with blueberry/rhubarb crisp.
Tim: Next week Wednesday evening they will be having a musical devotion at Bonnie’s house, 7 PM.


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