WIN Minutes 4-26-16

Nenana Wellness Coalition
April 26, 2016

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had 12 participants today: Bonnie Reed, Rose Allen, Kat McElroy, Ed Herrgard, Jim Hautla, Miles Martin, Natalie Chong, Amie, James and Kenneth Verhagan and Tim Horn.
We enjoyed beef/pork meat balls with pasta Italiano , mixed green salad, sourdough bread and butter, Ritz crackers with sliced cheese and mixed raisins and pecans for lunch.

WELCOME and READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson: Tim Horn

SPIRITUAL MOMENT: was lead by Amie, with a short prayer of thanksgiving and request for guidance.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were two items added to the agenda.

MINUTES: There were no minutes generated last week nor posted at the WIN link at nor submitted electronically to the WIN e-list.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: No new guests today.


Nenana City Public School Activities: Natalie passed out copies of the latest Nenana City Public Schools newsletter. It had stories written by students including an interview of Mrs. Stone, a piece about the Tae Kwan Doh tournament and an article by Faith Mudge about her brother Dylan’s blossoming music performances.
Activities at the school include: The last Coffee House of the year, Saturday, April 30th 7-9 PM, in the Pit. Exhibitions Of Learning. May 4th, 4:30-7:00 PM. May 11, Ray Lazano will be speaking to the 5-12 grades about substance use. Also that evening will be the K-12 Spring Concert. The Prom will be May 14th. May 20th is Clean-Up Day and the Here Comes the Sun Fun Run. May 22 is Senior Graduation. 8th grade graduation will be May 25th. May 26th is the last day of school. For more details about these and more, see the school calendar at:
Nenana Saturday Market: Miles brought some of the heavy duty flyers that the Market manager Lee Hulcher has obtained. She also has large banners for along the highway and major signage to use at the Summer Market site, the Civic Center. There was a vendors meeting Saturday evening at the Rec Center and Lee brought the participants up to speed on activities to date. She has some grant funding from Nenana Native Council which is what she used to pay for the signage. She is working on getting the Nenana Summer Market into the WIC program and so vendors can accept vouchers from Senior nutrition programs. The market will run from 8AM-2PM each Saturday through the summer starting May 28 and running through Labor Day. Lee would like to get stories out into the media featuring one of our vendors each week as one strategy to get some buzz going about the Saturday Market. Vendors will have garden starts, fresh produce, processed food stuffs, local meat and arts and crafts. People interested in vending at the Saturday Market should contact Lee. There were discussions during the organizational meeting Saturday about trying to get live music and other entertainment as an added draw to the market. Also vendors indicated they would like to have both indoor and outdoor vendors to create a draw to bring more people in. Last year, it was noted, we had about 50% visitors from off the highway, pointed towards the market by the Visitor’s Center, primarily interested in obtaining Alaskan Made merchandise, and 50% locals coming in to buy fresh produce or value added products.
Envisioning Wellness: May 10th, the Hugney-Farrs will be presenting at WIN on the Quaker faith. Kat McElroy is scheduled to do a presentation May17th on the ancient art of storytelling. Kristi Dugan is not going to be available any time soon to present to us about Traumatic Brain Injury.
WELLNESS THOUGHT: If those bad words come, I let them come in one ear and go out the other. I never let them come out of my mouth. If a bad word comes in your ear and then comes out of your mouth, it will go someplace and hurt somebody. If I did that, that hurt would come back twice as hard on me. –Wallace Black Elk, LAKOTA

Bonnie: Harriett Borst’s son is in Hospice care due to cancer. Penny Forness is hospitalized in Anchorage, holding her own. Edgar Monroe is in hospital in Fairbanks due to a stroke. We hold all in our thoughts.
Game Night continues at Meda Lord Center each Monday night, 6:30 PM. Jim has been bringing some of the students from NSLC each week.
Kat: Will not be here next week as she leaves Sunday to attend the Annual School of Addiction Studies Mon-Wednesday and then the Alaska Commission for Behavioral Health Certification board meeting Thursday and Friday. She hopes to see Leon while she is there, who continues doing well in Job Corps in Palmer.
Jim: Understands they have hired a person into the counselor position at school. He isn’t sure when she starts, perhaps not until the new school year come fall.
The garden starts for the NSLC/school garden are going crazy with all this daylight.
Ed: My week’s been quiet. Selling some property. Visiting with Tom Titus who is just back from Arizona. Looking forward to his job that will start in May, driving shuttle bus for the Wilderness Adventures down in Cantwell.
David: It is all about pigs, pigs, pigs: babies, half grown, and market size. He sold 24 weaner pigs last week. Has more market pigs that need to get gone. He has five cows still to calve.
Amie: Enjoying the weather outside, especially James who really likes to Walk Outside. They have tons of garden starts; “We’re excited to see that.” Josh is super fascinated with Nenana history and has been locating and posting historic photographs of old time Nenana on his Facebook page.
Miles: Busy with the greenhouse. Editing book number seven.
Tim: Thursday is a Baha’i holiday, the Ninth Day of Ridvan; they will start celebrating at Noon with a meal at Bonnie’s.
The Nenana Book Club is reading The Swimmer.

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