WIN Minutes 12-22-15

Nenana Wellness Coalition
December 22, 2015

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had 6 participants today: Bonnie Reed, Kat & Leon McElroy, David Poppe, Virginia Young and Mary Alexander. We enjoyed moose stew, garlic bread with honey butter, mixed green salad, Ritz crackers and sliced cheese and walnuts & raisins for lunch.

WELCOME and READING OF THE MISSION STATEMENT by today’s chairperson: Virginia Young.

Spiritual Moment was lead by Bonnie Reed who said a prayer.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There was no agenda generated for today so we had to just wing it.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: No minutes were posted or submitted from last week due to Kat’s absence.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: No new guests. Leon was welcomed back for his winter holiday from Job Corps.

Nenana Health Fair: The Health Fair is on scheduled to occur at the Civic Center on April 2nd. After the holidays, planning meetings will be held weekly. Anyone wishing to participate should let know.
City Election Update: A Special Election has been set for January 19th. There are two candidates who filled out candidate packets: Carolyn Congolware and Dennis Argall. Additionally, there are two candidates for write-in: Alex Ketzler and Jason Mayrand. The Friends of the Library are organizing a Candidates’ Forum for all four candidates to give the community and opportunity to see the candidates and hear their views. The Forum is scheduled to occur January 8th, 6 PM, at the Civic Center. Any questions for the candidates should be put into writing and forwarded to Darcia at the library by December 23rd. Adam White has agreed to moderate the Forum. There will be time for opening and closing statements from each of the candidates with each candidate having a few minutes to respond to each question in turn.
WELLNESS THOUGHT: Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance.
Virginia: Last week was “Party Week, with Christmas parties at Toghotthele and the tribal hall. Good food, good times. She will be going to visit her kids in Anchorage. Roland bought a four-plex in Fairbanks.
David: Had a bad adventure hauling steers to the butcher last week; he ended up jack-knifed into the ditch just past Skinny Dick’s and had to get Park’s Towing to come pull him back up onto the highway. The cows were unharmed though the truck had some damage. He was able to proceed to Mid-State Meats and will have beef for sale next week. He moved a huge load of hay from Spencer’s and Tasha Whitney helped him move the female juvenile pigs from pasture to a pen in town as they were going into heat and the boar was Too Interested in them. It’s been a busy week; there were five EMS calls, including a fatality.
Kat: Completed the second of seven trauma-informed care trainings in Fairbanks; these trainings have been organized by Tanana Chiefs Conference and there were about 45 participants from all across the Interior area. She notes that the recent death in our community has resulted in a lot of blame and anger, both of which are normal reactions to the grief we experience when dealing with sudden death, a part of the grief cycle.
It’s nice to have Leon back. He goes back to Job Corps January 6.
Mary: Will spend Christmas with Wes. Jr. and family and then go down to Anchorage. This is their first year without Grandma Nina. They are all mourning. They are busy emptying her apartment, and it’s just a big change in all their lives.
Bonnie: Would like to know what the plans are for New Year’s Eve over at the tribal hall. She has heard that there will be fireworks at midnight and music but will there be a pot luck dinner?


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