WIN Minutes 10-06-15

Nenana Wellness Coalition
October 6, 2015
The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had ten participants today: Kat McElroy, Bonnie Reed, Virginia Young, Maryellen Robinson, Tom & Therese Titus, Cassandra & Emmett Jensen, and Amie & James Verhagen. We enjoyed smoked salmon chowder, bread & butter, raisins with walnuts, and Ritz crackers with sliced cheese for lunch.

WELCOME and READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson, Virginia Young.

SPIRITUAL MOMENT: Amie lead us in prayer.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were no modifications to the agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: No minutes generated last week.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Cassandra introduced herself and her son Emmett; they are house guests of Tom and Therese.


Envisioning Wellness: Virginia suggested inviting the newly elected city assembly people and school board members to share with us their visions for our community.
WELLNESS THOUGHT: “My Creator, let me learn nature’s lessons.”
—Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), STONEY

Amie: They are three weeks in to their latest Health Challenge with a total of 38 participants including people from as far away as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing and five from Nenana. The Health Challenges just keep getting better and better.
They will have their Harvest Festival on Friday, October 30th, 4-6 PM, at the Tortella Building (the old Court House), before the school carnival.
Kat: We got a litter of piggies coming.
The Nenana Book Club is reading The Ravens Gift, by Don Reardon and will meet to discuss it first Monday of November, 7 PM, the 2nd.
Virginia: Just back from a visit with friends down in Kenny Lake. Her son Roland helped design a suspension foot bridge to go over a creek on their property. She is working on the fence around the deck on her new house.
Bonnie: They found Kermit Mellon’s body; he drowned in the Copper River down in Chitna.
They have yoga class from 10-11 AM at Meda Lord’s every Wednesday.
They need four community members for the canvassing board which will meet Thursday at 5:30 PM at the Senior Center to certify the election results. The City Assembly will hold their regular monthly meeting at 6:30 PM Thursday at the Senior Center.
This Saturday the NSLC is hosting a meet-and-greet pot luck for the community to meet the students, 6 PM, at the tribal hall.
The City Office will be closed October 19th in observation of Alaska Day.
Wednesday, October 21st, Fall Concert, 6:30PM, in the school gym.
October 30th, 6PM, the school Halloween Carnival, in the school gym.
Fall Back, one hour, the evening of Saturday, October 31st.
Maryellen: Attended the I ACT Free Interior tobacco prevention coalition meeting in Fairbanks at TCC. Maryellen has invited tobacco industry whistleblower Dr. Victor DeNoble to come to present to Interior schools November 2nd and 3rd. He will be doing his presentation twice in Fairbanks, at Hutch Career Center and at Lathrup High School, on November 2, then twice at NCPS on the 3rd (once at 1 PM to the elementary students and again at 2PM for the Jr, High and HS students, open to the entire community) and finally that evening in Healy for all the Tri Valley schools. He is a very articulate speaker with an insider’s view of the very conscious manipulation of information by the tobacco industry that thwarted USA public health efforts to have tobacco recognized as the dangerous drug it is.
Maryellen had posters to put up around town regarding October being National Domestic Violence Awareness month and Governor Walker’s proclamation to that effect.
Tom: Burkman Silas from Minto passed away this morning.
They have meat and fish and chicken put away for winter.
He talked about the changes we are seeing in our weather patterns, weather none of the elders can remember ever experiencing.
Therese: Talked about a video documentary she saw that was about traditional healing practices in the Amazon, involving native medicinal plants and practices. She is interested in this nine part series about cancer, as one of three Americans will experience some form of cancer during their lifetime. She will look into it to see if it might be available for viewing by WQIN.
They are going to have a family reunion with siblings Josh, Andrew, and Jack joining Cassandra here in Nenana.
Tara: Killed and smoked a bunch of fish. Her truck blew up so she got a new van, her “town house.” She got her diploma from her Master’s degree at UAF.

Lastly, there will be a training by Kim and Nenana City Public School for people who are willing to become group leaders for the adult anchors in their new prevention program. The training will be held October 22-25.


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