WIN MInutes 7-22-14

Nenana Wellness Coalition
July 22, 2014

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had eight participants today: Kat McElroy, Bonnie Reed, Virginia Young, Jeannie Bennett, Tara, Trina Lawrence, Nancy Thierheimer, and Miles Martin. We enjoyed baked salmon with rice medley, mixed garden salad, raisins and nuts and Ritz crackers with sliced cheese for lunch.

WELCOME and READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson, Jeannie Bennett.

PRAYER was lead by Virginia Young, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE.

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were two additions to the agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Posted at the WIN link at and submitted electronically to the WIN e-list with no reported issues.

Envisioning Wellness: Jessica has been unable to contact the VPSO telephonically. Anyone who sees Clinton might ask him if he would be willing to come have lunch with us and talk to us about his work here. Bonnie suggested that we invite Laura Leanello to talk to us about her work as a massage therapist and the benefits of bodywork.
Talking Addiction/Recovery: Megan Spencer had indicated that she would be willing to help organize older youth to provide recreational activities for younger youth so that parents of youngsters would be able to participate in watching and discussing the addiction/recovery DVD’s. Kat explained that some of the DVD’s are educational in nature, exploring addiction and the recovery process while others are documentaries examining the lives of various people who have experienced addiction and recovery. Jessica is going to ask the principle at the school to see if older youth could get school credit for participating in the project. Discussion ensued regarding some of the stigma our community has regarding addiction. We brainstormed some better names for the project, using words such as: demystifying, redefining, rethinking. A primary goal identified during this process is “breaking down the Us and Them dichotomy.”
WELLNESS THOUGHT: What goes around, comes around. Hippie
Remember: August 31st 7:30 PM community meeting at the tribal hall to get information from Doyon, Inc., about their drilling projects.
Jeannie: She would like to schedule the next Freecycle for either Friday August 15 or the 22. The new Denali Borough mayor, Clay Walker, has ended the free tonnage the borough has historically donated to our Project Overhaul, hence she will need to raise money ($95.00 per ton) fior all future Project Overhaul runs.
Virginia: She is done harvesting peonies for the season. Three peony operations here in Nenana will be part of the Peony Farm Tour this Friday.
Bonnie: The Senior Bus went to town today. Game Night is scheduled for every Monday, starting at 6:30 PM.
Miles: Showed a copy of Rene Limeres’ book Alaska Fishing; he would like to invite Rene to WIN to talk about his fishing enterprises and the book.
Tara: The reality TV people who do Life Below Zero are in town today; she invited them to WIN but they had an appointment to speak with the city office and the Cultural Center.
Kat: David’s been busy making hay. She thinks it stinks that the Denali Borough no longer donates tonnage to our community cleanup efforts as it helps keep people from dumping unwanted items around just everywhere. Nenana EMS does Mutual Aid assistance for the Healy ambulance service all the time. As neighbors, we are supposed to be cooperating with one another towards our common welfare. She thinks everyone should call Clay Walker and tell him what they think about this badly thought-out decision. His contact information is: Clay Walker – Denali Borough Mayor
PO Box 480
Healy, Alaska 99743
Phone: (907) 683-1330
Cell: (907) 888-4631


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