WIN Minutes 01-21-14

Nenana Wellness Coalition

January 21, 2014

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, masticate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

There were 10 in attendance today, including: Kat McElroy, David Poppe, Jessica Durtsche, Jeannie Bennett, Tara, Chuck Hugney, Bonnie Reed, Tim Horn, Virginia Young, and Nick DePlantis. We had beef stew, and Ritz crackers with sliced cheeses for lunch.

WELCOME followed by a recitation of MISSION STATEMENT, by this week’s chair-person: Tim Horn.

PRAYER was led by Jeannie Bennett, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE

PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were no additions to the agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Posted on the WIN link at and submitted electronically to the WIN e-list.

INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Tim introduced Andy and Jason Roe; Andy will be speaking with us today about Home Geothermal Heating Systems.


Non-Violent Communication: Tara explained that she learned about non-violent communication from materials by Marshall Rosenberg, who used these methods to teach peacemaking all over the world. He was an American psychologist and the creator of Nonviolent Communication, a communication process that helps people to exchange the information necessary to resolve conflicts and differences peacefully. (FROM THEIR WEB SITE) Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is based on the principles of nonviolence– the natural state of compassion when no violence is present in the heart. NVC begins by assuming that we are all compassionate by nature and that violent strategies—whether verbal or physical—are learned behaviors taught and supported by the prevailing culture. NVC also assumes that we all share the same, basic human needs, and that each of our actions are a strategy to meet one or more of these needs. People who practice NVC have found greater authenticity in their communication, increased understanding, deepening connection and conflict resolution.
Tara explained a basic formula for practicing NVC. First there is an Event, whatever happens, people have feelings attached to what happened. Those feelings are based on our internal interpretation of the event, based on basic human needs we all have that may not be being met in our interaction with another. Tara passed out hand-outs. The first hand-out was a Needs List. She explained these were some basic human needs that we all have: connection, honesty, play, peace, physical well-being, meaning, autonomy. Under each need were words associated with or describing those needs. The next two hand-outs were about feelings: feelings you have when your basic needs are being met, and feelings you experience when your needs are not being met. Her final hand-out was a three page list of Evaluative Words Confused With Feelings. These words, she explained, are how we interpret an interaction, they are not emotions but mental evaluation of what we believe is occurring. This sheet had two columns, one that identified the underlying feeling and the other which identified what needs that are not being met which are triggering the feeling and the evaluation process.
She led us thru a series of role plays to practice using the NVC process. Discussion ensued. Chuck mentioned that he has access to some of the training videos that are used to teach NVC skills. It was agreed that we would like to view at least one during a future WIN meeting. It was agreed that it would be easier to do this process with others who are also skilled at using the process.

WELLNESS THOUGHT: ‘Tis better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and affirm your foolishness. Mark Twain

Michael George Patterson will be speaking at the Village Pride/Community Safety meeting tonight after speaking at the school today and at the community safety/village pride meeting that evening.

Chuck: He has asked his friends Kathy Walling and Scott Vell who do Couples Enrichment trainings to come to WIN to speak to us about this endeavor. This would be in a month or so. He’ll give them Tim’s contact information to arrange this.
Nenana will be hosting the state ski meet in March. He will also be busy with the Nenana Invitational Ski Meet and the Tripod Days races.

Tim: Talked to Miles. He’s glad to be back. He is open to visits. He’s looking for a pitch fork. He’s got lots of information he learned to share with us about gardening.
Community dinner tonight at the tribal hall, 6:30 PM.
Freecycle Friday, 5:30 PM, at the Civic Center.
Kat will be speaking next Tuesday about how to help people obtain detox and substance use disorder treatment services.
The next health fair planning meeting will be Wednesday the 29th, 10 AM, at Jeannie Bennett’s place. The 2014 Health Fair will take place March 22, at the Civic Center. Everyone welcome to volunteer to be on the planning committee.
Nenana Invitational Tournament February 6-8, at NCPS.
The next line-dancing will be February 17, 7 PM, at the Civic Center.

Tara: Has been volunteering in Fairbanks at the youth shelter, The Door. They need more volunteers. Anyone interested in this could download an application at their web site:
The water is still not frozen at her slough.

David: has a black eye; his milk cow, Gwennie, horned him in her haste to get at her evening grain ration.

Jessica: Will be gone for the next two weeks, for RHS training.

Bonnie: The Seniors Annual Meeting will be held after lunch at the Senior Center, Wednesday, February 19th.
Nancy Shaw’s father passed away. She and Dave flew home to be with family.

Jeannie: Jim Sackett resigned from Toghotthele effective September 2014. He is going in to the seminary.
Gabrielle Blair and Nathaniel Grimes are engaged to be married.

Virginia: Is going to Eagle River to visit with her daughter and her new grandchild.

Nick: We started our youth group two weeks ago. The first week, no one showed up. We had made moose soup, so we took it over to the Living Center. Last week we had lots of participants. We played Capture the Flag.



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