WIN Minutes 08-27-13

WIN minutes for August 27, 2013

In attendance:  Jessica, Maryellen, Bonnie, Virginia, David, Tara, Lauren Mcphun and Josh Grimm

Bonnie chaired the meeting. Tara did a prayer and the pledge was completed.

Lauren and Josh were introduced as Tara’s friends.

Maryellen presented information regarding Smoke-Free Alaska.  She asked for support in getting pledges signed by businesses saying they would be willing to go smoke free.  She states that the deadline for sending pledges in to the American Lung Association is in December and that the goal is to try to get the legislation to change so smoking is illegal in businesses/restaurants etc.,  all over the state.  This is projected for 2014.  She stated she has a meeting with the tribal council tonight and that they changed their policy in support of being smoke free a year ago.  She also discussed the upcoming Dancing in the Streets Celebration.  She explained there will be a DJ, Parade at 5 and dinner will follow.  It was discussed that perhaps this year we would actually be out in the streets but as usual, it depends on the temperature outside. 

Weekly updates from individuals who wanted to share:

Virginia reminded everyone that she and Jessica are still working on the EMT funding information gathering process and that they are still going to meet with Joe Forness, Fire Chief, in the near future.  Both are busy with various work and seasonal activities.

Jessica had nothing to share today.

Bonnie said that the Verhagens are having an end of the summer BBQ at their house on First Street on Friday at 7:00 and that they don’t need food to be brought.

Maryellen is keeping busy at work and suggested we invite the new Assembly of God pastor to WIN because they also have a scheduled back to school BBQ set for Sept. 3 on the ball field right after soccer practice.  We could all be a good resource to one another and they can learn about our coalition as well.  She also said that a WIN coalition member is needed to attend a Grants Meeting in Anchorage Oct. 8-10 and that the hotel is paid for.   She and the other tobacco worker are already going but the community involvement is really needed. 

Bonnie said there is an Alliance Club bake sale at Coghill’s Sept. 14 starting at 10am.

Tara said there was a ruling by a judge that said Doyon/Tog have to bring their operations into compliance in regards to the drilling that is going on at Nunivak 2.

David arrived late and said that 3 of their 8 pigs were loaded up and taken for slaughter.  The meat will take about 10 days to be processed.  He is doing rototilling for Virginia today.  He also said his nephew from Colorado is coming up to visit and they will be doing lots of chores and outdoor activities. 

There were no updates given by the guests.

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