2013 Nenana Choose Respect Community Survey Responses

What must we do together that cannot be done alone?

Talking, listening, sharing and encouraging


Support and listen to each other.

Share our stories and successes to evoke change for the good of all

Stand up, speak out


What more do we need to learn to make this a better place for all people in our community?

We need to not keep silent.

How to respect our differences.


Do you have someone in your family, neighborhood or community that you can count on?


Family, friends, or someone I know.

Yes, my family.

Yes, mothers, sisters, big brothers.

Well, my whole family.


What does a happy and successful person look like at home and in the community?

They are respectful.

They are kind and caring to their family, friends and strangers.

Smiling, kind, understanding, helpful.

Content with what they have, willing to share with others.

Someone that people want to spend time with.

You see happy people out in the community. Families know how to deal with anger.

Head up, a smile, laughs easily, rolls with the punches, lets live and let live.

Looks comfortable inside their own skin, content.

Peaceful, confident, productive.

Like a happy and successful person :>)


Content, involved, volunteering, helping others.

Positive community members, involved members

Has a smile that radiates their face

Positive members of the community and within their relationships.

Google-eyed smiling.

Confident and involved in most aspects of their community.


Think about a challenging time in your family. What made you feel proud of your family in that situation?

Despite alcoholism and violence, we knew we were loved. We were taught self-respect and respect for others.

Getting a relative into rehab.

They trusted in God. Everyone helped.

After a fight and a long silent period, trust and conversation came back.

Challenging time—pride. Death & loss of jobs cause people to pull together, show up to accomplish tasks, then stay in touch until crisis has passed.

We stuck together and worked it out as a family.

A death brought us closer.

Helping each other through the hard times and laughing through the good.




How do you get information about resources in the community?

Parents, signs, internet, elder wisdom, community outreach

Communication with one another.

Mukluk telegraph


What would our community look like if there were no domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse?

Look happier. Stronger families.

More  respect. People would be more active.

A great community. More respect.

Happier families. More smiles.

Stronger people, more respect, happy people.

Stronger families, more respect, more fun. There would be a lot of happiness.


There was a time in our history when all the children in our village were cared for. What were some traditions or cultural norms that helped do that?

Health Aides

People visited unannounced. It’s not rude. People checked up on people!

Children could stay at a relative’s house, not just Mom & Dad’s.

Children played a vital role in the family, helping with subsistence, doing for elders.


What do you do to reinforce your own family’s culture for your children? Why does it matter?

Practice a part of your family’s culture every day. For example: singing, prayers, activity.

Attend potlatches and all the cultural events the tribe and community put on.

Holidays and Sunday dinners, always special.

Let them grow up like I did but put them in Yupik school.

Help out an Elder.

Your culture is who you are. Adults should tell children stories about their family heritage.

We pray together. We read and discuss the Bible stories. Then we apply them to our daily life.

I don’t use corporal punishment. Why? —-it  makes violence seem “ok.”


What one thing could I change that would change a lot of other things?

No alcohol. You forget who you are.

No drugs.

Open my heart and arms

Being bullied.

Being a happy family.

Be understanding and helpful.

More parties like this!

Communicate to other people and respect you and others.

Provide awareness and workshops on issues.

Care about others and put them first.

Help others who have suffered abuse and disrespect in their lives.

Talk about disrespect with somebody and learn how to stop it.

Practice my culture. Build something.

Practice kindness. Pay it forward.

Because we can be happy and be more influential.


How does domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse impact everyone in our community?

Can’t trust anyone.

It makes children scares and unsafe and adults suspicious and introverted.

Well obviously not very good. It’s bad, that’s all there is to it.

It tends to be a pattern that is repeated through the generations. And children share their knowledge, good or bad.

It creates a culture of abuse and without intervention it causes long-term depression.

Shame. Destroy self esteem. Makes it look like it is ok, and sends the wrong message.

Lowers self-esteem and feelings of worth.

Causes fear and not trust.

What you do affects others in a way.

Loses trust for one another and hard to trust anyone.

Gets you sacred.

Makes us worried and angry.

Kids look up to us.


What are the most common reasons domestic violence occurs?

Over stressed.

Alcohol, money problems, bad attitudes, hate, jealousy, stress, drugs, not coming home, family issues.

Problems at home. Money problems. Drinking…Alcohol and drug use.

Common reasons: previous violet history; ignorance, lack of other examples of how to treat people; experiencing frustration to get what you want.

Being treated differently.

Miscommunications, wrong assumptions.

Alcohol contril, anger control.

Alcohol abuse.

Drinking and drugs.

In general, a person is experiencing insecurities or lack of control and it is the only way they know how to deal with it.

It occurs because of substance abuse.

Lack of skill to express strong emotions.

Unhappy with each other.

Alcohol, stress, bad role models.

Anger, misunderstandings.

The most common reason domestic violence occurs is because that person have seen other people being violent in their family.

People having disagreements that get out of hand and hurt others and loved ones.Alcohol and drugs.


Alcohol & drug abuse.


Alcohol. Drinking, drug abuse, lack of communication, lack of respect.

Alcohol and drug inhibited thinking

The anger inside of a person.

Alcohol. Resistance to understand one another.

Selfishness and drinking.

Alcohol and drug abuse.

DV is a learned behavior.

Bad parenting.

People don’t get respect. Disagreements escalate. Trying to get family members to do things they don’t want to do. Not listening.

Under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

People get mad at others and when they don’t get along, things get physical.


Alcohol. For too long no one talked about it.

There is no happiness.

When they get upset and annoyed.

Drugs, anger, no respect.

Anger control, people who drink are more likely to cause drama. Also lack of (harm?)

Problems, money, drinking.


Alcohol and lack of respect.

Due to poor judgment and the lack of words.


What does respect mean to you?

Respect is consideration for others.

That I don’t have to raise my voice.

Being tolerant of others.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Heart to heart.

Being nice.


Look after people

(A drawing of a person holding an assault rifle and another person with a target on their chest.)

Taking care of each other.

Being nice to others. No bullying.

Respect others how you want to be treated.

Respect is when we can communicate our thoughts and feelings without the fear of harm.

Treating yourself and opthers carefully. Listening.

Sincere courtesy.

Listening and having differences without judgment.

Respect me, I respect you.

Helpful, courage, spontaneous

I think respect means love, love, love.

Being respectful and all that.

Respect means letting me be me.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Helping others, good attitude, love, good values in life.

Respect means the good values in life.

Respect means being nice to other people and that they don’t have a bad thought about you.


Being nice and not rude.

BFFL (Picture of two girls holding hands)

Don’t be stupid. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be kind. Except (accept?) others for who they are. No judging.

(Picture of a grownup and a kid holding hands.)

Treating people with common courtesy & the way you want to be treated.

Respect; being nice and not rude.

Thoughtfulness and kindness.

Treating everyone like I want to be treated.

Respect means to me; being nice to others and also Elders.

Respect means not to abuse people younger than you.

Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Help others.

Respect means help others (Picture of a kid helping a stuffed bear write a letter???)

Respect: People look up to you; you look up to people.

Respect: Doing what’s right no matter who or what circumstances.

Being nice.

To treat others the way you like to be treated.

To not be rough to other people.

Be nice (happy face)

Treatning each other equally.

Treating people how you would like to be treated.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Helping others. Being nice and polite, listening to Elders and adults and everyone around.

Respect means kindness, caring and protecting

Something of high value given to another with the purpose of giving praise of high value.

Respect means to be a good man and a decent man.

Respect is treating people how you wish to be treated. Being kind to each other.

To treat everyone the same way you would want to be treated.

It’s not how long you live, it’s how long you will help your people!

Being polite and helping ELDERS

Treating others the way you want to be treated.

Respect means: consideration of others; tolerance of differences, listening.

Reverence for each other.

Treating each other the way you would like to be treated.

Respect means to me that you don’t hit or argue. And do agree and treat each other with respect.

Respect, Excellence, Spectacular, Purposeful, Entelligent Courageous, Treat others the way you want to be treated. (first letters spells respect)

Help others (picture of one kid handing another kid a paper and the recipient saying Thank You)

Respect is being considerate and nice (happy face)

Not ruining another person’s happiness.

Treating everyone with the same additude (attitude?) you’d like to be treated like.


What are ways domestic Violence can be reduced?

Listen more

Sober life styles, support group, family therapy.

Tell the community about domestic violence and how to redsuce it.

Responsible for each other.

Stop alcohol and drug abuse.

Respect each other.

Educate the situation

Take your meds.

Stop drinking. Stay sober. Positive attitude.

Divorced. Talk about it. Stop doing drugs. Therapy.

Better communication. Less alcohol and drugs.

Stop drinking. Sober Up. Talking more, communicating more.

Communicate better and stop drinking.

Reduced domestic violence: education, praise for dealing with the stress instead of praising violence; alternate ways to deal with anger; community-wide disapproval of hurting others; helping survivors.

Education, jobs, jerks in jail, counseling, more kittens at home, no homework.

Speak out against violence

Education, reduce alcohol and drug use/abuse

Educating people about what causes violence and then modeling behavior.

Through education and counseling in how to properly process their feelings

Don’t let someone abuse you

Leave the situation.

Domestic violence will be reduced if it is brought into the light, not hidden.

Respecting each other and keep up these kinds of activities.


Reduce DV by educating people that there is another way. Help children learn to cope.

Good communication and understanding.

Being thankful, respectful and nice.

Anger management.

Educating people on ways to prevent and that it is okay to let people know if domestic violence is occurring.

Lack of self respect. Lack of respect for the family members.

Treatment for the ones abusing everything. Education and therapy.

Help someone who is a victim

Don’t make people mad and get along and don’t pick fights.

Treatment for drugs and alcohol. Treatment for victims of domestic violence.

Self control!! Respect, good judgment.

It must not be tolerated.

Community events a lot more often.

Sober and drug-free home. Working together for a happy home.

Respect yourself and others.

Divorce. More communication.


Talk about it so it’s not such a secret.

Respect. Stand against violence.

Breaking the cycle.

Speak up. Don’t be silent.

Talk to people about it.

Cool off. Walk away. Call for help early. Don’t drink or do drugs. Keep firearms locked up.

To have a strong healthy, spiritual grounding.

By being happy.

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