WIN Minutes 3-02-13

Nenana Wellness Coalition


April 2, 2013


The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.


There were 12 in attendance today, including:  Kat McElroy, David Poppe, Jessica  and Dawn Durtsche, Bonnie Reed, Tim Horn, Harriet Borst, Mary Alexander, Jeannie Bennet, Audrey Roth, Tara, Virginia Young and  Miles Martin.

We enjoyed cream of turkey soup, mixed green salad and Ritz crackers with sliced cheese for lunch.


WELCOME followed by the READING OF MISSION STATEMENT, by this week’s chair-person: Jeannie Bennet


PRAYER was led by David Poppe, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE


PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were no additions to the agenda.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Posted on the WIN link at and submitted electronically to the WIN e-list.


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS:  Dawn Durtsche was introduced. She has recently moved to Neanana.




Nenana Health Fair:  Over-all, it is agreed, the health fair went well. Tim got an email from Sharon at Alaska Health Fairs, Inc., in Fairbanks, with feedback from her perspective. They did blood draws for health screenings from 34 people. Miles particularly liked the youth booth devoted to the dangers of energy drinks. Tim plans to do a debrief and brainstorm for future health fairs Monday morning, April 8, at Jeannie Bennet’s house. Originally scheduled for noon, rescheduled now for 11 AM.

WELLNESS THOUGHT:  ~Life is a banquet and most poor souls are starving.                               Patrick Dennis/Auntie Mame




Dawn: It’s  nice to be here.

Harriet: Her son had to have some testing done to his heart.

They will be playing cards again at Meda Lord Thursday night starting at 7 PM.

Virginia: They had book club meeting last night, a good time had by all. The next book they are reading will be The Outliers.

She and Miles have been discussing reforming the Saturday Market again this summer. It went well last summer and they are expecting even more buses this year. Miles has made flyers to distribute around town to advertise this ongoing event. They made 5 thousand dollars last year, ten percent of which was donated to the library as a fundraising effort.

Audrey: She fell down, but she got back up again. (This should be our wellness thought )

Miles: Seed starting time. He brought a Black Prince tomato seedling already three inches tall and a zucchini even larger. He encourages everyone to share plants. The tomatoes he has have been locally grown and are locally adapted., which is obvious from their vigor.

Tim: She will be at the elementary wing tomorrow to give awards and prizes for the posters they have done from  information gathered at the health fair.  She provided an overview of the poster contest. She thanks everyone for all the help and effort they put into making the event happen.

David: He got an email from the Nenana fire chief who is on light duty due to the injury he received when the ambulance was hot in Fairbanks by a drunk driver.

Kat: They’re putting the finishing on the tobacco grant and getting ready to tackle the behavioral health grant. She’s bummed at the news that SEARHC is closing both their treatment centers due to funding cuts and worries where will people without the financial wherewithal to go Outside receive residential treatment if the state continues to cut

Jessi: Sprained her ankle and is bummed because now she cannot run/jog.

Tara: Testified telephonically, along with several other Nenana people, to the senate finance subcommittee regarding work on the bridge/road project across the Nenana River. She is in the midst of a major  spring cleaning at her cabin. She has been accepted into grad school and classes begin for her in May. She is getting ready to make her supply of Balm of Gilead for the year and will pay for poplar buds.

Mary: School board meeting tomorrow night. They will have an executive session to discuss hiring the new principle. They have 25 candidates. She is very excited about the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Initiative. The FAA is donating a flight stimulator to be kept at the school and the school will be offering flight training, ground school, and airplane mechanics as  high school courses.

Meda Lord is looking at funding to revamp their heating system, put ina wood burning boiler. She hopes they will also get solar hot water heating.

Bonnie: There will be a free community lunch at NCPS in the cafeteria Thursday, 4-11, and an talent show and Chinese dinner as a fundraiser that evening, $15.00 for tickets.

No school Friday, April 12, for teacher in-service.


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