N Minutes 11-13-12

Nenana Wellness Coalition


November 13, 2012


The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.


We had eight participants today, including: Kat McElroy,  Jeannie Bennet, Rebecca, Emily and Bill Troxel, Harriet Borst, Tim Horn, and Bonnie Reed.

Meeting was scheduled to begin at 12:30 PM to allow participants to enjoy the community luncheon at Nenana City Public School.


WELCOME followed by the  a group attempt to recite the MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson, Tim Horn.


PRAYER was lead by Rebecca Troxel, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE.


PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: No formal agenda was presented today.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes posted on the WIN link at www.railbelt.com and approved as submitted electronically to the WIN email list.


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: No new guests today.




Nenana Blood Drive:  Future blood drives are scheduled for February 13th, June 12th and October 9th, per our previous discussions and Tim’s phone contact with Fweliciaq at the Blood Bank up in Fairbanks. The February and October drives will be held in the school with the June drive hopefully to be held at the Civic Center.


Nenana Restorative Justice Process: Kat would like to see Nenana create an effective restorative justice process for youth and adult offenders in our community. She has been talking to the members of the advisory committee for the school prevention committee and has gotten positive feedback from them. Jan Hnilka and Cathy Gebhart have been trained in youth restorative process. Cathy says in three years only one youth has opted to participate in that process.  Kat is aware of the Wellness Courts in Fairbanks and Bethel and Drug Courts in Anchorage and Barrow for adult offenders which have had varying degrees of success. For our community to do this, we would need to have the tribe on board, the city, the school, the magistrate, and most of all, the community-at-large. She plans to ask Robin to put the issue on the agenda at the next Community Safety/Village Pride meeting which she understands has been tentatively scheduled for New Year’s Eve at the tribal hall. She will talk to the magistrate and bring it up with the city assembly. Her concern is that the criminal justice system currently in place is creating a sub-culture of people with no vested interest in society. As repeat offenders, they gradually lose educational and vocational opportunities and become less able and less inclined to be productive members of the community.  The goal of restorative justice would be to put a process into place that would interrupt the cycle of recidivism by creating a justice process that would allow people to be directly accountable to the community against whom they have offended.

WELLNESS THOUGHT:  You don’t have to want to do it; you just have to do it.



Bill: His brother is planning on a visit to Nenana. Bill is getting stuff moved into his office in the little building on the corner of third and D streets.

He has been taking ETT training with the goal of being one of the designated ambulance/fire truck drivers.


Rebecca: Is distributing flyers she has made to publicize the Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday next week (the day after traditional Thanksgiving) at the tribal hall. Mark your calendars for next Friday, 4-8 PM. Rebecca will get the key from Anna at NNC office. We need someone to volunteer to get a fire going so the building is warm by 4 PM. Everyone is invited; it is pot luck but you do not have to bring a dish to attend.


Thursday night, November 15 will be Bingo For Books at Nenana City Public School with dinner followed by book bingo.


Tim: Book Club will meet next at Kat and David’s place, Monday, December 3, 7 PM. They are reading The Empire of the Summer Moon.

This weekend will be the first of the Holiday Bazaars, this one at Clear Air Base. You will need ID, vehicle registration and proof of insurance to get on to base.

The Nenana Seniors Holiday Bazaar will be the first weekend of December, Saturday and Sunday, the 1st and 2nd.



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