WN Minutes 06-12-12

NenanaWellness Coalition


June 12, 2012


The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.


We had ten participants today, including: Kat McElroy, David Poppe, Jeannie Bennet, Rebecca, Emily and Bill Troxel, Harriet Borst, Audrey Roth, Maryellen Robinson, and Bonnie Reed. We enjoyed pork enchiladas, mixed green salad, Ritz crackers with sliced cheese, raisins and nuts and fresh nectarines for lunch.


WELCOME followed by the READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson, Rebecca Troxel.


PRAYER was lead by Bill Troxel, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes posted on the WIN link at www.railbelt.com and approved as submitted electronically to the WIN email list.


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: No new guests today.





Nenana Blood Drive:  The blood drive is scheduled for tomorrow at the Civic Center, 10 AM-2 PM, with set-up beginning at 9 AM. Tim has the key. WIN approved by voice to allot Health Fair funds to pay for clean-up afterwards. The blood bank has been contacting potential donors around Nenana to schedule. Tim has volunteered to bring coffee and tea. Virginia will make cinnamon rolls. Leon has volunteered to help out.



Envisioning Wellness: We do not currently have anyone scheduled. It was suggested we ask Jeff Coghill, Jr. to see if he would be willing to do a presentation about the village public safety officer program and his role as our newly hired VPSO.  Kat wonders if he would be willing to attend WIN on a regular basis, perhaps once a month, in the course of his normal duties. Rebecca suggested we ask Krista Heeringa and Nicole Gregory from TCC who are facilitating the community planning process here in Nenana to do a presentation about their progress to date. Rebecca also said she would like to see a presentation, later (end of summer) by the people from Alaska Scenic Bylaws who are working on improvements for the Parks Highway including signage, pull-outs and rest stops.  

WELLNESS THOUGHT:  If you want to double your money, fold it in half and put it back into your pocket.                            Katie Baker



Maryellen: Don’t forget the ASAP community information meeting Wednesday night at the tribal hall, 6-8 PM.

PINK is partnering with the Nenana Native Council, the city of Nenana, the Ice Classic and Railbelt Mental Health & Addiction and are planning a Prevention Carnival for June 30th, at the baseball field. They will have a dunk tank, as well as other fun and challenging youth activities.

June 26th the RMHA tobacco grant manager will be Nenana and Maryellen will bring him to attend our WIN meeting.

Community Safety/Village Pride community dinner will be July 16th, 6:30 PM, at the tribal hall.


Virginia: The school garden at NSLC is all in and looking good.

They had their third Saturday Market this week-end; the vendors are pleased with the turn-out so far.


David: Gwennie is due to calve in three days and Mara is due on June 20th. The Bantam hen has gone broody and is setting a clutch of eggs. He is getting ready to go make hay out at Virginia Young’s place. Finally, the GVEA crew is in Nenana and clearing brush; he hopes top be able to have them fell a couple of trees that are at-risk to falling on to the power lines.


Jeannie: Friday at 5:30 PM, the Freecycle will be at the RV Park if the weather is good, at the Civic Center if the weather is foul.

Project Overhaul will begin at 9 AM on Saturday, June 16th.


Rebecca: The community planning meeting went well last night; they are prioritizing projects they would like to see developed.

City council meeting Thursday, 6:30 PM, at the Senior Center.


Per email from Michelle Ronnander:

            Big MOVING SALE—June 15th and 16th, 1-4 PM.  South of Nenana on Teklanika Circle, just off FAA Road—follow the signs!  Phone 832-1007

Some items available for sale: 19 inch flat-screen TV, 1987 Suburban, 1992 Cavalier 1990 GNMC Conversion Van, bicycles, windows, snowshoes, tools, portable table saw, router table, wheelbarrow, snowmobile trailer, studded tires, fans, table lamps, floor lamps, dishes, kitchen wares, guitar, green love seat, round dining room table, round kitchen table with drop-down sides, set of bunk beds, day bed, mattresses, picture frames, dressers, desk, end tables, chairs, bookshelves, a student desk.



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