WIN Minutes 5-15-12

NenanaWellness Coalition


May 15, 2012

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.

We had 14 participants today, including: Kat McElroy, David Poppe, Beverly Joseph, Audrey Roth, Harriet Borst, Virginia Young, Rebecca, Bill and Emily Troxel, Merrily Verhagan, Bonnie Reed, Tim Horn, Elecia Frank, and Jeannie Bennet. We enjoyed pork/cabbage borscht, missed green salad, Ritz crackers, sliced cheese and raisins & walnuts for lunch


WELCOME and READING OF MISSION STATEMENT: By this week’s chairperson, Rebecca Troxel.


PRAYER was lead by Virginia Young, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE.


PRESENTATION OF AGENDA AND CALL FOR MODIFICATIONS: There were three additions to the agenda.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: No minutes were generated last week.


INTRODUCTION OF GUESTS: Elecia Frank has just loved to Nenana from Mino.




Envisioning Wellness: We presently have only one EW speaker scheduled. Kat will present next week on the topic of How to Help Stop Violence in our Community, a topic that was suggested after the big Chose Respect march and community dinner in Nenana last month. Tim has made flyers to be posted. We are looking for suggestions for future Envisioning Wellness presentations.

Nenana Clean-up Day:  Will be held this Friday, starting with the Fun Run which will begin at 10 AM. The runners will be raising money for breast cancer research. There will be a BBQ at the school. The city is supplying yellow bags; they can be picked up at the city office. They were unable to obtain any of the new, green, bags which are intended to be used for recyclable aluminum. Rebecca and Jeannie have already been doing litter patrol. The native council will be picking up bagged trash on Saturday. Jeannie said that she would begin Project Overhaul again, soon, for the summer cleanup effort.

The Prevention Grant: Tim Horn attended the monthly NCPS Prevention Grant meeting today and made a short report. Aside from organizing various community events such as the chose Respect march and dinner, the grant has been busy facilitating the Reconnecting Youth class at the school, which has been well accepted by student participants. They are working on a slogan or vision statement to help brand their efforts. Tim facilitated a consensus process with the WIN members today to bring community input back to the grant group. The words that seemed to resonate with WIN today included: Working Together, Safe, Healthy, and Sober. The goal was to create a sense of inclusion across all domains of the community. Tim reported that the grant group is exploring having their meetings in conjunction with the monthly community lunch at the school to obtain broader community input.

Nenana Book Club: The newly reorganized Nenana Book Club had their first meeting last night. They will be meeting the second Monday of each month, rotating to meet in different member’s homes. Next month, June  11th, they will be meeting at Virginia Young’s house. The book y are reading is Iron House, a thriller by John Hart. Next month they will read The Whale and The Supercomputer. Last night they identified books to read for the next 12 months. Anyone interested in getting this list may email Kat and she will send them the list. Flyers will be posted.


ouse, a thriller by John Hart. Next month they will read The Whale and the Supercomputer.






WELLNESS THOUGHT:  Let us be thankful for all we have.



Jeannie: A week from Friday will be Emily Troxel’s first birthday with a party, a pot luck, to be held at Jeannie’s house, starting at five-ish.


Virginia: Her son, Roland, graduated from UAF Sunday with a degree in Engineering. He and Margaret will be staying at here this summer. Roland plans to then go to Haifa to complete a community service project.


Rebecca: The kids have both completed their home schooling on time. She has moved the chicken yard, planted grass seed and begun a garden where the chickens were last year, digging in lots of good compost.

The Ice Classic Annual Meeting will be held the evening of the 22nd, at 5:30 PM, at the Civic Center, with dinner afterwards.

The Nenana Community Church will hold its Annual Meeting on the 27th.

Memorial Day Traditional Picnic and clean up with be up on the hill, May 31st, Thursday, starting around 2 PM.


Merrily: Her last child, daughter Mary, is graduating, and received a scholarship to attend UAF where she shall major in Education.

Kristi’s Cuisine will open for summer business Monday, May 21st, . New hours will be Noon-8 PM; Mary will be managing the business.

July 4th, as usual, The Verhagan family will be hosting a pancake breakfast to honor USA military veteran’s

Kathy Gebhart announced there will be a Community Spaghetti Dinner 6:30 on Thursday at the Civic Center.


Harriet: Went up to Fairbanks for mother’s Day. She is sad to report that May Speck likely will not be returning to Nenana due to health issues.


Beverly: will be in New Jersey from July 30th through August 28th to receive her  guide dog and training with that animal.


Kat: Will be taking the last two weeks of May and first two weeks of June off from work to use up her annual leave and to put in the garden. Also, she plans to take a week off in July to go fishing with her siblings.

She expressed concern regarding the shift to medical interventions at the expense of counseling to address substance use and addiction issues. Medications can be effective, she says, but cannot address underlying trauma issues and other complications associated with self-harm behaviors. She believes that members of the recovery community, 12 step, faith-based and secular, will need to step up to the plate to provide needed recovery support.


David: Is drying off two of the cows due to calve in June. Got 350 bales of hay from Virginia Young’s place which he cut last fall but that got buried in snow before he was able to get it baled and stored.

The geese are sitting on a clutch of eggs and he expects goslings any day now.


Elecia: Has two adult sons in the Dream Center, a long-term rehab, Christian-based, in the Palmer area, where she is sure they will get the help they need. She has a daughter who just began work as a dental assistant in Fairbanks and a younger daughter who is away attending Bible College. She moved to Nenana two days ago and is glad to be here.

She is still mourning the death by exposure of her son Steven “Smokey” Smoke who died Christmas Eve; he loved to cook and worked hard to help homeless people in Fairbanks. The family would like to open a soup kitchen/lending library in his honor.


Tim: School Board meeting tonight at 5:30 in the Pit at NCPS. Also at 7 tonight in the school library will be the last Coffee House performance for the year.

Spring Concert 6 PM, Wednesday, in the gym. The support staff will be hosting a fundraiser featuring Hot Lick’s ice cream!

Sunday, NCPS graduation in the gym, starting at 2 PM.

Monday the 21st will be the Kindergarten graduation, also in the gym, at 2 PM and on the 23rd the 8th Grade graduation will be held in the Pit.

Saturday, May 26th will mark the first Saturday Market in Nenana, at the Cultural center, from 10 AM-2 PM.

Finally, plan to attend the Transit of Venus BBQ at the Horns, June 5th, 2-6 PM.




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