WIN Minutes 4-24-12

NenanaWellness Coalition


April 24, 2012

The Nenana Wellness Coalition is an alliance of representatives from various organizations, government agencies, community groups and individuals that meets weekly to discuss, evaluate, coordinate, consolidate, celebrate, and help implement plans for improving the wellness and quality of life in Nenana Alaska.


There were six in attendance today, including:  Kat McElroy, David Poppe, Bonnie Reed, Tim Horn, and Art & Terry Thompson. We enjoyed red lentil with ham soup, mixed green salad, Ritz crackers, sliced cheese and raisins and walnuts for lunch.


WELCOME by this week’s chair-person, Bonnie Reed, followed the MISSION STATEMENT.


PRAYER was led by Tim Horn, who sand The Prayer for Children, followed by the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes were not submitted.





Envisioning Wellness: Joe Forness has been rescheduled to speak about Public Safety; he will present to us instead on May 1st. This was due to Bobby Sunnyboy’s funeral this afternoon. Per Tim Horn’s request at the Chose Respect dinner, Kat McElroy has agreed to present on how people can respond when confronting a domestic violence situation. After discussion, the date chosen will be May 22nd. Tim will make flyers. The topic of the presentation will be Helping To Stop Violence in Our Communities.



Tim: They will be celebrating a Baha’I holy day Saturday, April 28th, 7 PM, at Bonnie’s house. Then on Wednesday, May 2nd, they will celebrate the 12th Day of Ridvan. They will be grilling all afternoon.

Nenana City Public School prom will be Saturday, May 5th.

May 7-11 is the Book Fair at NCPS with Family Reading Night on May 10th.

Book Club Monday, May14th at 7 PM, at Kat and David’s place.

Friday, May 18th, will be the annual Nenana Fun in The Sun Run.

Sunday, May 2oth is NCPS graduation; the last day of school is the 24th.

Lastly, mark your calendars now to attend Carl Horn’s Transit of Venus bar-b-que on Tuesday, June 5th; this is an alcohol-free event.


David: The baby chicks are half grown and running around, making escapes from the greenhouse. They got their pig meat back from Mid-State Meats; the butcher did a good job cutting and wrapping and the meat is great. He and Kat are busy rendering lard.


Kat: Laura is graduating from UAF with her associate’s degree! Meanwhile, Keri will mark her 15th year with Railbelt Mental health & Addictions this June and Kat her tenth year. Staff turnover is not our problem.


Art: The City Assembly meeting will be May 10th, at the Senior Center. The time has been changed to 6:30 PM.


ADJOURNMENT: 1:00pm to allow everyone time to attend the funeral. Pot latch tonight at the tribal hall.

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